Patients Face in the
Healthcare System

Communication • Education • Information

  1. Lack of COMMUNICATION throughout the healthcare system at every level
  2. Lack of EDUCATION about hospital processes, health insurance, medical and
    behavioral health terminology, billing, patient rights, and levels of care
  3. Lack of patient health INFORMATION, preparation, and organization

The PANG Collaborative is a Group of Independent Patient Advocates Serving Patients and their Families in Arizona

Why are Independent Patient Advocates (IPA’s) needed?

  • To HELP address current healthcare issues
  • To PROVIDE education and tools for working within the system
  • To PROVIDE guidance and support for patients and families
  • To HELP develop useful documents for patients and the healthcare team that keep
    health records and information organized
  • To HELP bridge the communication gap between the healthcare team, the patient,
    and family/support group by serving as a healthcare liaison


We assist our clients and their support system in a compassionate, supportive, coordinated effort. We will help you maneuver through the current healthcare system’s processes and work collectively with your medical and behavioral healthcare providers to meet your needs and wishes.

Providing Healthcare Advocacy Services with “Aloha” to the East Valley

Advocacy with Aloha
Aloha means love, affection, peace, sympathy, pity, kindness, mercy, and compassion. That is what PANG brings to Advocacy.

We help clients work through the current healthcare system’s processes and work collectively with providers in a compassionate, supportive, and organized way. Through this collaborative effort, we strive for our clients to receive more individualized, patient-focused care.

  • Assistance for Children, Elderly, Caregivers, Institutions, and anyone needing healthcare help
  • Guidance through the behavioral and medical healthcare systems
  • Experience with neurological disorders and spinal cord injuries
  • Education and review on insurance processes
  • Review for appropriateness of care and patient rights
  • Assist with hospital processes and understanding levels of care criteria
  • Creating helpful documents to organize your health information (i.e. medication list, patient snapshot for doctor appointments, care plans with patient goals, etc.)
  • Assist with complaints or concerns with how your medical care was completed

We understand what you’re going through & Offer
our Experience, compassion, support, & organization tools


We have over 20 years of combined experience in both the behavioral health and medical fields and have gained an understanding of hospital processes, hospital infrastructure, and the federal guidelines for patient’s rights and responsibilities.

How We Can Help Professional Partners:
  • Conduct an independent chart review to address a care complaint or grievance
  • Assist in promoting patient safety in acute inpatient practices
  • Assist in promoting patient safety in the behavioral health system
  • Serve as a liaison between the medical professionals and patient(s)
  • Create health documents to assist the healthcare team with the patient’s individual medical picture