Patient Advocate Services & Fees

The PANG Collaborative Patient Advocate Services & Fees

ServicesRate/Fee (USD)DescriptionPayment Due
30 min ConsultationFreeInitial phone conversation discussing why you need healthcare advocacy services and determine if the PANG Collaborative can assist.n/a
Initial Assessment$400If it is determined that the PANG Collaborative is able to help the client’s situation, then an initial assessment is scheduled. In-person meeting lasting 2-3 hours reviewing the client’s health history, home situation, needs, medication list, healthcare concerns, healthcare goals, develop a healthcare plan, and review next steps.At the assessment meeting
On-going Advocacy$150/hourIf the client wants to continue having the PANG Collaborative assist, liaise, and advocate for his/her healthcare, then a retainer fee may be purchased. The client can choose how many hours to purchase upfront (e.g. a 10-hour retainer will cost $1,500.00). The client will receive an itemized invoice detailing how the retainer fee is being used and how much money is left on the current retainer.Prior to receiving continued services (upfront)


Itemized Invoices

You will receive an itemized invoice each week, bi-week, or month (depending on your choice) which will detail billable and unbillable hours spent working on your case. Time will be billed at a minimum of 15 minutes. Billable hours include but are not limited to research for resources or referrals, review of medical records, updating documents (if it takes longer than 15 minutes), calling or meeting with members of the healthcare team, going to healthcare appointments, visiting at the client while at a healthcare facility to provide advocacy services (only hours spent talking to staff and time spent toward assisting with the medical situation at that time), and assisting in coordinating healthcare. Unbillable hours include other time spent researching more information on a diagnosis or treatment, reviewing notes, providing updates to designated recipients (unless it exceeds 45 minutes), etc.

Documents and Fees


  • Inpatient Health Snapshot
  • Outpatient Health Snapshot
  • Current Medication List
  • Current Healthcare Team List
  • Medication/Vitals Log template
  • Medication Expenses Spreadsheet
  • Medication History Spreadsheet
  • ICE (In Case of Emergency) Card for wallet

Document Fees

Individual document: $20/each
Package 1: 3 documents for $45 (saves you $5/document)
Package 2: 5 documents for $60 (gives you one document free!)
Package 3: All 8 documents $100 (biggest savings!)

All pricing indicated above is subject to change.

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