Advocacy For Professionals

We can help improve patient care and reduce costs for the patient, insurance company, AND providers. In turn, the majority of patients will stay healthier and providers will be able to focus on treating the patients who need it the most.

Arizona Patient Advocates Working With Providers

How We Can Help Professional Partners:

Conduct an independent chart review to address a care complaint or grievance
Assist in promoting patient safety in acute inpatient practices
Assist in promoting patient safety in the behavioral health system
Serve as a liaison between the medical professionals and patient(s)
Create health documents to assist the healthcare team with the patient’s individual medical picture

Are you ready to work together towards more cost-effective, patient-focused care?

The PANG Collaborative – Advocacy With Aloha

Jodie Pang-Diekevers, LMSW, BCPA

Jodie Pang-Diekevers has over 20 years of combined experience in both the behavioral health and medical fields. She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Psychology with a minor in Family Studies and a Master’s Degree in (Clinical) Social Work. She also holds an Arizona state licensure as a Master Level Social Worker and is a Board Certified Patient Advocate.

20 Years of Professional Experience

Jodie started her professional career treating adolescent and adult patients with substance abuse and behavioral health diagnoses. She performed utilization review and case management for patients at a private inpatient behavioral health facility. Jodie transitioned to the medical field working as a patient advocate in an acute inpatient setting performing chart reviews for appropriateness of care and reviewing incident reports as a risk management team member. She served as a member of the hospital’s ethics committee and worked closely with the hospital’s quality, compliance, privacy, and infection control departments. In addition, Jodie was fortunate to collaborate with chaplain services to develop training for a pilot program aimed at improving patient satisfaction through a more positive patient experience during the hospital stay. As a result of her various duties, Jodie has gained an understanding of hospital processes, hospital infrastructure, and the federal guidelines for patient’s rights and responsibilities. She is knowledgeable on how the acute inpatient system works and has worked most closely with patients with neurological and spinal cord diagnoses.

Let’s work together towards more cost-effective, patient-focused care.