Our Vision

To improve patient care by moving it from cost containment to healthcare prevention so preventative medicine becomes the common practice. This will help reduce costs in healthcare for the patient, insurance company, and providers. In turn, the majority of patients will stay healthier and the healthcare system will be able to focus on treating the patients who need it the most.

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Jodie Pang-Diekevers
Trained by Bridge Health Advocates
Meet Jodie Pang-Diekevers, Director

Jodie Pang-Diekevers is originally from Hawaii and has had a lifelong passion for helping others. She obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a minor in Family Studies and a Master’s Degree in Social Work. In Jodie’s more than 20 year career, she has worked in multiple roles throughout the healthcare system. She began in behavioral health treating teens and adults with substance abuse and behavioral health diagnoses. Then she worked as a case manager reviewing cases with insurance companies to obtain covered days for behavioral health benefits. Additionally, she worked as a patient advocate for an acute inpatient medical hospital.

Patient Advocacy Experience
In the patient advocate role, she received, reviewed and responded to patient care complaints and grievances, and educated staff on areas that promote patient safety and compassionate patient care. This role was a division of risk services, which is the department that reviews instances of patient safety concerns and possible medical errors, and oversees patient safety processes in the hospital. Thus, in addition to her role as patient advocate, she assisted the risk services department in upholding patient safety. She also served as a member of the hospital’s ethics committee discussing moral issues and religious conflicts related to patient care and specific patient cases. She worked with chaplain services to develop training for a pilot program to increase patient satisfaction through a more positive patient experience during a hospital stay.

Passion and Dedication
In 2015, she began caregiving for her elderly father in addition to her young family. For the first few years, she was caring and advocating for her father from afar which brought many challenges. In 2019, she coordinated his move to Arizona and became his full-time caregiver and healthcare advocate until his recent passing at the end of 2020. During this time, she learned to work through the challenges of becoming a full-time caregiver, moving a loved one on Medicare to a new state, and managing her father’s medical care during a pandemic. The journey of working through these challenges helped reaffirm Jodie’s passion for patient advocacy and dedication to improve the healthcare process.

What you should know about me

I am approachable and always ready to listen.
My goal is to understand your situation from your perspective.
I like being transparent and honest because trust is a high priority and a key component to developing a good relationship.
My integrity fuels my morality.
I am hopeful that through healthcare advocacy, our clients will become better informed which will change healthcare conversations and look of healthcare processes for the better.

Are you ready to work together towards more individualized, patient-focused care?